About Kulagy

    I wish I could give Ted and the rest of the team more than 5 stars! Before coming in and working with Ted on my post-op scoliosis rehab I thought PT was about as useful as magic beans but after following Ted’s plans daily and working with him twice a week I have gained not only my independence but also my life back. They are calm, motivating, know their stuff and really go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and success. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a PT.  

-Jenna M
It Started with a Simple Idea…
Kulagy is the first on-demand physical therapy service, bringing the benefits of physical therapy directly to you, on your schedule. One of our co-founders found himself in need of physical therapy after a serious knee injury. Like our co-founder, many of you may be busy individuals juggling multiple schedules throughout the day. While his injury caused him to take a break from his active lifestyle, he struggled to follow his physical therapy regimen. He wanted to continue his treatment, but it had become impossible to take 2 hours off work twice a week, including travel time, to go to his physical therapy sessions. With the heavy time commitment, he became frustrated that he was not receiving individualized treatment and only spending 15 minutes with the physical therapist. The remainder of each session was spent working with a physical therapy assistant. That’s when he met our other co-founder, a physical therapist with 13 years of experience, who shared his common vision that the industry was behind the times. So they created Kulagy, the first on-demand physical therapy service connecting clients directly to physical therapists who deliver personalized, high quality care directly to you, when and where it’s convenient for you.
Kulagy works with independent physical therapists, all of whom are board-certified and vetted in person to ensure the highest level of customer service and quality of treatment. Our physical therapists will develop a unique plan, specific to your needs, using the latest evidence-based manual therapies, therapeutic exercises, and massage therapies to facilitate the healing process. You are in good hands with Kulagy!